"Perhaps the genius of ultrarunning is its supreme lack of utility. It makes no sense in a world of space ships and supercomputers to run vast distances on foot. There is no money in it and no fame, frequently not even the approval of peers. But as poets, apostles and philosophers have insisted from the dawn of time, there is more to life than logic and common sense."
- David Blaikie

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Los Gatos, CA

Sometimes I love my job. Especially when it takes me places with great trails.

Today started with a run in the Santa Cruz Mountains above Los Gatos, California. I managed to find a hotel that is literally 100 yards from a great trailhead I got to know while living in the Bay Area in the late '90s.

I have some great memories of this trail, one of the first I ever ran. As I ran today I thought about the time I nearly stepped on a rattlesnake here. And how another time I tripped and nearly went off a cliff. And how I felt on the downhills when I first ran in a pair of trail shoes on this trail - Montrails when they were known as OneSport.

This morning's run was more about memories and taking in the scenery, but there are some great hills here that snuck up on me. Next run I'll remember to take my Garmin and check out the elevation change.

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