"Perhaps the genius of ultrarunning is its supreme lack of utility. It makes no sense in a world of space ships and supercomputers to run vast distances on foot. There is no money in it and no fame, frequently not even the approval of peers. But as poets, apostles and philosophers have insisted from the dawn of time, there is more to life than logic and common sense."
- David Blaikie

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Some things to remember

A few things I learned last night while experimenting in cold, dark, Barkley-ish conditions:
  • Loose fitting, fibrous clothing snags on brambles and branches really easily. Hats too. This is bad for the clothing (I ripped a merino wool base layer) and slows you down.
  • I love wearing a headlamp on my waist to see the profile of the trail, but when you're ducking under trees and scampering around the light get's covered up or misdirected. Hands do need to be free, so going back to headlamp on head.
  • I really need to work on flexibility and muscle groups not typically recruited while "running".
  • I don't generate as much heat when moving slowly over/through tough terrain. Need to dress a little warmer than usual.


Golden Trails Dave said...

Sound like good (and not initially obvious) lessons learned.

Rick Gray said...

Continue to learn. Better to learn while you can before the big day gets here!

GeorgiaSnail said...

the list should be out soon, no?

Joseph Lea said...

There is apparently a list of entrants, but Laz may be sitting on it. Suspect a lesson in patience and dealing with the unknown...